Welcome to the Council of Forensic Science Educators

The Council of Forensic Science Educators is an organization of professionals teaching forensic science in a variety of schools, including public and private universities, high schools, and international institutions.  The objectives of the Council are to promote and exchange resources for all involved in educating and fostering the next generation of forensic scientists.

A message from the President:

In the role as COFSE President, I seek to build inter-organizational relationships with international groups with similar educational goals in the forensic sciences.  COFSE should serve as one mechanism for members to be able to gain access to and learn many of the emerging technologies for remote and hybrid education, as well as being able to engage in in-person education and research initiatives.  Expansion of access of COFSE members to resources and educational techniques and technology so forensic science educators can meet student needs to better prepare for entry into forensic science careers is a high priority for the executive officers.  I am excited to help COFSE in its mission and bring additional benefits to our active members.  COFSE will continue to host a distance education symposium in early fall and organize workshops and presentations of COFSE members in conjunction with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) annual meeting.  I look forward to working with the membership and executive officers to ensure COFSE is a continued success.


Jason Byrd, PhD., D-ABFE

COFSE President

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