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The Council of Forensic Science Educators is an organization of professionals teaching forensic science in a variety of schools, including public and private universities, high schools, and international institutions.  The objectives of the Council are to promote and exchange resources for all involved in educating and fostering the next generation of forensic scientists.

A message from the President.…as I have entered into the new role as the President of COFSE, educators have entered into a new world of teaching styles and methods to be inclusive for all learners.  As we quickly went into remote learning for all students across the globe in March of 2020, instructors adapted to meet student needs and continue teaching.  Now with many returning to the classroom, we have found the benefit to hybrid instruction and use many of new learning technologies that have emerged.  This has greatly impacted all educators, especially us who teach with hands-on, active learning techniques that are much needed in forensic science education.  I am excited to serve such a great organization during this time of advancement.  We are seeing that teaching goes beyond the classroom, our buildings and even the city which we teach.  Using new practices COFSE has successfully participated in the first virtual AAFS (American Academy of Forensic Sciences) meeting in 2021, giving a workshop on Utilizing Best Practice in Forensic Education and Remote Learning.  COFSE has held two successful annual meetings virtually, bringing in guest speakers to talk with our members and allowing for more members to join our annual meeting.  We have also virtually hosted a webinar and all-day workshop for our members during the 2021-2022 academic year and plan to continue this into the future.  


Gina Londino-Smolar

COFSE President

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